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Scrapping and Disassembly
We work with Diamantino Perpétua who is a certified company for scrapping vehicles at the end of their useful lives, and where we have positioned ourselves as a company of reference due to our human and technical capabilities and due to the concern for the environmental that we instill in the process.

We also disassemble vehicles, whose parts are then sent to the repair line or, if approved by our technicians, for sale to the customer. Currently our disassembly line holds up to four trucks simultaneously, with over one hundred vehicles disassembled every year.

New and used parts
Our broad offer allows us to respond to your need for new, used or repaired parts for various models of vehicles. A network of shipping and delivery partners guarantees a minimum wait time.

Thanks to the efficiency of our processes and the on-going management of inventory, our parts and components are sold at competitive prices, reflecting their quality.

Reconditioning of Components
A specialized technical knowledge will provide you with utmost confidence that it will maintain your fleet – and your business – in motion.

The reconditioned components are meticulously disassembled, and the parts repaired or replaced, being finally reconditioned and painted so that they also look new from the outside.