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1. Stationary Plants

Sationary Plants are designed to meet your needs whether your request is for a small or large dimension project. The well performed link between standard and turnkey solutions are the perfect combination to achive an excellent relation quality/price.

Not satisfied with turnkey solutions we aim for the continuos search and development of new and more eficient solutions for your challenges.


2. Transportable Plants

Our standard transportable solutions can be combined with several different groups, either working individually or in combination, allowing the optimization of the quality and the capacity of the plants.

Besides the primary, secondary and tertiary groups and screenning that make up most of our more standard solutions we aim to exceed your expectations by preparing other proposals that will meet your most challenging projects.

As sample of our commitement we highlight the optional portable group composed by platform, control booth, fuel tank andgenerator that allows you to operate your plant in the most isolated location and in place where there is no network of electrical distribution.